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HumiNature French Clay & Vitamin C Skin Care Regimen

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Our HumiNature French Clay & Vitamin C Skin Care Regimen is our finest skin care system. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents damage from the sun, pollution and other factors that can cause damage to your skin. French Green Clay is a deeply penetrating cleaner that goes into the skin to remove impurities that would otherwise remain below the skin's surface. Start off with our premium mud cleanser. Our HumiNature Deep C Cleanser contains French Green Clay and Vitamin C. This is a powerful yet gentle mud cleanser that deep cleans using natural clays and protects your skin with Vitamin C. Tone with our Deep C Toner to gently remove impurities lifted by the cleanser and to restore the proper pH balance. Finally, moisturize with our powerful Anti-Aging Anti-Oxidant Crème that protects your skin from the ravages of time and the elements. As a special treat, use our HumiNature Deep C Masque once to several times per week for deep cleansing (not included with the Regimen). Because your skin has unique needs, HumiNature has developed several different face care product regimens to provide the best possible care for your particular skin type. Each is based on completely natural, non-soap cleansers, alcohol free toners and balancing moisturizers. Each is gentle, hypoallergenic and helps prevent and/or repair damage. Our regimens are based on a 4 Step System. The fourth step is optional. The French Clay and Vitamin C Regimen has the following products:

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